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New Boat and Getting Ready for April

By SChaconas - Published March 25, 2011 - Viewed 1843 times

I picked up my 2011 Skeeter ZX225 on March 3rd, driving about 9 hours that day. I also picked up my new DEKA AGM batteries...the best battery technology anywhere…gels that are totally sealed…last longer during the day, charge faster and will provide longer power storage on the water. Most of the pros are running AGM batteries. Took the Skeeter out on the 4th to break in my new Yamaha SHO 4-stroke outboard. I also spent a few hours dumping all of my gear back into the boat. Caught my first fish in the new boat, so it is officially in business. The break in is a very slow first 2 hours. I have to move around at only 2000 RPMs…in other words, what usually takes a 10 minute run, took an hour…nice to slow down and smell the water! Nice thing about the Yamaha 4-Stroke is it’s so quiet! I can hear my buddy Jack Eller as we chat about what we’ll be doing on the water. That first hour took us to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home. We fished there and got our first fish.

The next hour is a bit easier as we can go up to 3000 RPMs…at least on a plane and cruising along. We just checked out a spot or two for emerging grasses. Finding a few, I take mental notes as these will be my first spots this spring.

Everything checked out…except there was a transducer cable that was switched. A quick call to Humminbird and under the dash I went with my flashlight and phone on speaker. Done! Everything else was perfect…except my cover…which arrived the day after my boat got home…GREAT TIMING! The cover for the engine was too tight…they will let it out and it will be back in a few more days. No problem really!

On Saturday and Sunday, I traveled to the Bass Pro Shops in Richmond to do my seminars. I spoke both days about springtime fishing and what to do to catch fish in early March. At the end of the seminar, I took questions and hung out in the tackle section to assist customers pick out the right stuff! 
Then it was time to get to work. I had to put all of my gear into the boat. I keep each compartment in a box in the off-season, so it’s not too hard to figure out where everything goes. It’s like moving…this box goes to the bedroom, to the living room, etc. But, everything came out of my boat in November….this is March! Different season. I have to take some stuff out and put the right stuff in. That’s just about done. I’m ready…BUT the water is tough! Cold muddy water has plagued us. I have cancelled some trips based on the fishing conditions, not the weather for us. I want my clients to be challenged, but not under these conditions. So I am rescheduling them for April.
So, my job now is to get out and find fish, figure out how to catch them and book trips as the phone calls come in.
I also write for several publications, so I keep working on them. The weekly fishing reports for Comcastsports.com are great. I use a weather report from Washington DC NBC weather forecaster, Kim Martucci! She’s a hoot and she’s really into weather! I check the tides and water temp then make a week ahead plan for fishing on the Potomac River.
In addition, I have some seminars this weekend at the Bass Pro Shops in Glen Burnie, MD…just south of Baltimore. I am preparing for that by getting tackle ready and jotting down a few notes. I am doing two days…first day will be “How to Fish Heavy Grass Mats”…followed by “Springtime Tactics”…and on Sunday, it’s “Power Finesse Fishing”…also followed by Springtime Tactics. I need to get the baits and gear ready for a smooth presentation.
While this is going on, I’m gathering signatures on a petition to change a no-wake zone to create a safer passage for boaters. Its’ a year long process, but worth it. Lots of emails and phone calls. 
And there’s the fishing…lipless crankbaits, an old bait from Mann’s...the Thinn Mann, jigs, and spinnerbaits. I am also building a few of my chatter-wacky lures in darker colors…they are working too! If you have any questions, let me know! For now, my job is simple…catch fish and find more fish. Until next time…I’m gone fishing!

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