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Bill Carson  Fishing Safety  

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Night Fishing and Safety

By BCarson - Published March 21, 2011 - Viewed 1832 times

I have been out on the lake a great deal at night chasing the elusive striped bass under the light of a beautiful moon and it has been pretty productive. This is the month that things really start to wake up for fishing as the water warms back into the 50's and beyond. Last Friday night, I was amazed to find crazy boat traffic on the water not just prior to, but after dark.

The most alarming thing I witnessed were jet skiers and water skiers running at night. This is crazy dangerous for a number of reasons and illegal too. I even saw what must have been a 40'+ cruiser running full speed without lights...put that combination together with either the jet skier or the water skier and it could be a really bad situation. I get calls from time to time from the sheriff department to help search and rescue using my Lowrance Structure Scan and most of the time the tragedy could have been avoided.

The fishing can be really good but keep your eyes open if you elect to do it as spring and summer will only bring out more of this behavior and with budget cuts everywhere the law enforcement patrol is few and far between. To learn more about fishing and boating safety visit http://www.boatus.com/foundation/guide/index.html

Happy boating and successful fishing....<")))><
Bill Carson

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