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Star Clipper - Treasure Islands- Day Three

By Terri Parrow Botsford - Published February 27, 2006 - Viewed 3602 times

Monday – Virgin Gorda

We got up at 7:30am since Todd wanted to climb the mast at 9:30 and we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss breakfast this morning.  The boat had stopped rocking by the time we got up.  Once again they had plenty of food.  Unlike dinner, Breakfast and Lunch are buffet style.

climbing the mastTodd climbing the mast

Todd and a few other people jumped into the safety harnesses and climbed up the mast like old pros!  I wanted to do it too, but I opted to take lots of pictues and wait for another day for my turn.


Then we lounged around on the deck and watched the ship sail into the north shore of Virgin Gorda






Bea explaing the day's activities on Virgin GordaEach day, Bea, our Cruise Director would explain the activites and schedule for the day, usually with a chart or pictures for illustration, in all three different languanges.

We then ate lunch and got ready for the day’s excursion which was a trip to the Baths.  The tender tookOne of the vans that took us site seeing on Virgin Gorda and took us to The Baths us to Guns Cove where the 3 vans (actually trucks that were refitted to carry passengers) met us.  They gave us a nice tour through the island. We had to go up a hill/mountain and down the other side.  The stopped 3 times so we could appreciate the view and take pictures.  By the time we got to the Baths, we only had an hour to snorkel and check out the caves.

I have no idea why they call them the Baths, but it is actually where there are a lot of rocks made of granite, some of them stories high.  The water was too rough to actually do much snorkeling and we didn’t make it all the way through the caves because we had to be back to the vans by 4pm, otherwise it would have been a great excursion.  I also stubbed my toes on one of the rocks and bruised the little toe next to the pinky pretty bad.

The view of the Star Clipper from Virgin Gordon The view from The Baths A family enjoying The Baths

Once back on the ship we took quick showers and jumped back on the launch so we could get a ride to the Bitter End Marina The Bitter Endand Yacht Club because we had calculated that the closest geocache was not far from there.  Once we landed it was just four tenths of a mile to the cache.  We walked down the road and figured out the right path and even in spite of Todd taking photos of all the plants and scenery; we found it just before it got dark outside.  Our first geocache of the trip!  We took two Travel Bugs and left a liquid paper tape dispenser.  By this time my bruised toe really started to throb and most of the toe turned purple.  So we hobbled back to the Bitter End and checked out the shops and looked for a restaurant to eat. Unfortunately the two restaurants we found looked empty so we jumped back on the launch and ate on the ship.

Line Dancing on the Topical Deck

This night we had dinner with a couple from Norway.  It turned out that he is an arctic and he loves playing the guitar.  His wife said he has 12 guitars in the living room!  After dinner he stopped by the musician in the lounge and played his guitar.  Then we sat with them for awhile and talked music.  It ended up we each went and out and got our respective iPods and they introduced us to one of their favorite musicians, an Irish man named Luka Bloom and we introduced them to Jimmy Buffett.  It was Carnival Night on the ship.  The musician started playing and we ended up dancing the rest of the night.  I was drinking strawberry daiquiris.  They don’t skimp on the rum on this ship!

Terri Parrow Botsford
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