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2011 Hook n Look Episodes

By KStricker - Published March 23, 2011 - Viewed 2940 times

Ta-Dah!!! All thirteen 2011 episodes of Hook n' Look are complete and submitted to Versus for broadcast. As a television show producer that is always a good feeling, a GREAT feeling really, especially when you're the one editing each tedious frame. It's crazy, you go from enjoying the open water and fresh air of the great outdoors as you tape each episode to a slave in captivity, incarcerated within the confinements of an editing suite. 

For three long months you slowly go cross-eyed from staring at computer monitors as you determine what segment works best and how to transition to the next.   12-16 hour days and nights are not uncommon when you have a deadline to meet, but for now the drudgery is behind me. It's now time to take a deep breath and look towards the next season. 
Danny and I have begun contemplating our future filming schedule. Where do we venture to next? Considering our underwater format restricts us to clear bodies of water, do we stay in the mid-west lakes or do we explore the waters of the west coast? What lures and presentations do we employ? Do we focus on only bass or do we target other species as well, perhaps muskie or walleye? Who should we invite to be our guests this upcoming season? These are all questions we need to answer. Got any ideas?

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