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Gearing up!

By SChaconas - Published March 02, 2011 - Viewed 4471 times

Things are really speeding up…I still have two Bass Pro Shops weekends to do seminars…one in Hanover and the new store in Richmond! I’ll probably get there early and stay late to help anyone pick out tackle…especially rods…and line…these seem to be the most confusing for a lot of anglers1 I have another seminar at New Horizons Bass Club in Virginia…and a personal appearance at Rosner Toyota in Fredericksburg, VA.

But tomorrow I am going to North Carolina to pick up my boat…the trek begins at 0500...a stop by DEKA to pick up my batteries…I love the AGMs…if you have a trolling motor and are not using them, you are wasting a lot of money on inferior battery technology! Then it’s on to NC to Wooten’s to pick up my 2011 Skeeter! It’s about time. I need to be back on Friday to get the trailer inspected, return the truck I borrowed from PASSPORT Nissan and my long time buddy Bruce…and get the trailer inspected. After that, it’s on the water Friday for the break-in period…highs are predicted to be around 50…so a cold and slow day on Friday…very little fishing…the break-in goal is to get the first 2 hours done. Then at least I can drive it a bit. I am meticulous about my break-in period! I use a stopwatch and follow the times for each hour to the letter.
I’ll start loading all of my gear that I have been preparing all off-season back into the boat. I am pretty organized…each box is filled with what goes in a specific locker. Rods will get respooled with fresh line and we are ready…except I have to put all of my license decals, boat letters and sponsor decals on the boat…waiting for warmer weather though!
I am also working on an appeal to a no-wake zone in National Harbor. Seems they are pushing the no-wake zone way out into the river, forcing boaters to drive over a flat. I am sure this was just oversight. I know the river very well in this area and found a map with the help of a good buddy of mine that shows the problem created with the location of the current (new) no-wake zone. It will take a year, but I am confident we will be successful in making this a safe area while still allowing for a substantial no-wake area for National Harbor.
Bookings are coming in fast. It’s like clockwork…as soon as we have a 60-degree day, my phone rings…but it’s really my regular clients who have been chomping at the bit to get out. We didn’t have to many decent weather days this year to fish into the winter…. we all need to get out!
There are so many details hat have to be met to be totally legal for guiding on the Potomac…but all of the agencies came through in time. I already have my trailer tags, boat registration and BoatUS ANGLER insurance all ready to go…before I pick up my boat.
The weekly fishing reports for Comcast are going great! Lots of positive feedback. I like doing this…it forces me to plan for the week…and give anglers a direction to head when they do get out. I am also doing a monthly Fishing Forecast for BoatUS ANGLER’s Forum…. look for it!
If you have any questions, let me know! For now, it’s just one last long drive and I’ll be back in business…and until next time…I’m gone fishing!

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