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Congrats Swindle!

By KDove - Published February 10, 2011 - Viewed 1914 times

Congrats Swindle! 

I hope I don't have to fish 160+ events in BASS before I get my first win.  My hats off to him for working through all the "what if's and "should 'a been's" to claim his first BASS trophy.  It takes a lot of passion and determination to stick to it and have continued confidence that one day it will all come together. 

As for me, what a way to get the season started!  A finish in the 140's, wow!  Drove 20 hours there and 20 hours back with nothing to show for it.  Well all is not lost.  I have fished 7 events in Florida now.  I have cashed 2 times and both of those came in the fall.  I really have a lot to learn about those fickle Florida bass in the spring.  If I had wrote how the tournament was going to be won and how other techniques would play significant roles, you would have thought I could have mustered at least a top 50 showing.  After analyzing and learning from it, I am now over it and looking forward to fishing the rest of the week here at Amistad, where you can actually pattern fish! 

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