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Richmond Fishing Expo and my "To-Do" list

By SChaconas - Published February 03, 2011 - Viewed 1132 times


Back from the Richmond Fishing Expo and it was awesome! I did my seminars on 10 Senko Presentations! This took some work and preparation but it turned out great! Tank demos are fun. I don’t think you learn as much in the audience, but to see the lures in action and how the fish relate to them can be a lot of help to a lot of anglers. I packed up after the show, organized all of the contacts I made and got back to work when Monday rolled around. First thing…do laundry. Got my new Skeeter Team shirts…. top half is basically white with the bottom solid red….ooops the red ran and ran and ran…can’t get the red out…so back to Skeeter for some new ones. I’ll deal with the pink in my other clothes on my own.
I’ve been putting the finishing touches on some upcoming articles for Woods & Waters Magazine, Sportsman’s Magazine, and the Old Town Crier. I have to keep tabs on the Potomac during this time as I post in a weekly fishing report on Comcastsports.com. I will probably add a few “tips” as the report is stuck in the ice for a while. I’m going to send out my Monthly forecast - it will go up tomorrow on WFLS.com. BTW, last week I did some radio news stories for WFLS about the Richmond show. Great to work with Frank…a radio buddy from the “old” school of journalism…the school that I like! I worked with him in the late 80s…still cover fishing events for the biggest station between Richmond and DC.
Writing a comprehensive Potomac River licensing update…there are lots of changes with the Saltwater Registration….VERY confusing!
I am also hoping to continue to write for BoatUS ANGLER Magazine. I’ve been a part of the publication since its inception a few years ago and it is the most unique fishing publication on the market. It’s all about fishing…all kinds, fresh and salt…and boating. As far as I’m concerned the two are inseparable. But not exclusive. I’m preparing an article for the first taker on “Walking the Walk…Banking on Fishing”. This will include tips on fishing by foot…stuff to take and gear to use. Found some cool stuff including a way to carry everything…hands free…if it won’t fit, you don’t need it. Check out Ribzwear.com!
OK, I’ve made my list of articles I need to meet my upcoming deadlines…one on the 10th, then the 15th, then the 20th…and when Sonja buzzes me, I’ll have a few days to get something together for the BoatUS ANGLER Tacklebox eNewsletter…very cool newsletter….Kurt Dove participates along with a lot of other anglers! I shoot my own photos, and my buddy TJ has coached me along with the right equipment…so, I have lights and light boxes….great gear….great photos!
I’ll then turn my attention to getting ready to receive my boat…I’ll notify a dealer that it’s coming then hopefully he’ll be able to get it prepped and ready to roll…I’ll need him to do the paperwork…tags, etc. trailer inspection…and then I’ll get with BoatUS to cut my vinyl letters…never use what the dealer has…for a few bucks, I’ll get perfect lettering in my font with my colors! Better let my wife put it on to get them straight. I’ll call to get my BoatUS ANGLER policy set up with my guide insurance. Once I have boat numbers, etc…I’ll send out my application for my final license. I have obtained all the licenses I could without a boat…the last one comes from the Potomac River Fisheries Commission. Then I’ll call my buddy Bruce at Passport Nissan to borrow a TITAN to buzz down to NC to pick up the new Skeeter ZX225. I’ll probably stay over at my high school buddy Scott’s home to cut a few hours off the drive….it’s great to see him and the kids. I took them fishing last summer and we had an all-day topwater bite…really cool! Scott even got a few fish to come back after misses….not everyone has the patience to do it! I think his son is hooked! 
I have a meeting this week with a bass club to do a presentation…of course we’ll be talking about the new BoatUS ANGLER “Weigh-to-Win” Contingency program…cash to high finishers in several trails! Very cool…better yet, entering is a no-brainer with the $38 Unlimited Towing package, perfect for us bass boaters! Then I have a meeting with Comcast Sports! Should be fun. I’ll get to see an old radio buddy of mine…literally from the 80s….rock and roll here in DC! We knew each other but only worked nearby as part of an 8-station cluster….now I write for him!
Then I’ll join my wife while she works in New York. I’ll be working on our taxes and popping in on another old radio buddy!
Mind you, during all of this, I’m keeping my Facebook page updated, sending out batch emails with links to articles and events…staying in touch…but writing all the while. I’ll see how much I like the Ipad I got my wife for Christmas!
My tackle is just about all ready…rods and reels ready…cranks, lipless and diving have new hooks and are stocked. Plastics area reorganized and stocked. Chatterbaits and spinnerbaits have new skirts and sharp hooks… I still have to work on the topwaters and my terminal tackle…weights and hooks in their place. But once the Skeeter gets here, I’ll be Guide-Ready in 15 minutes!
Capt. Steve

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