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Tags for Snowstorms, Snuggies and Somewhere in Texas.


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Snowstorms, Snuggies and Somewhere in Texas.

By MZona - Published January 18, 2011 - Viewed 2564 times

 Last time I blogged -- (that still sounds funny, the Z-train blogging) – anyhow – the last time I blogged, I told you I was headed to a warm water power plant lake in Illinois with Little Johnny VanDam. It was funny, when I first called to invite JVD he thought we were leaving Michigan to fish in some tropical place like Florida. Which would seem logical. But nope! No Sir! We were headed to Illinois – in a snowstorm. 

Uh …. not the best idea. Oh, we caught ‘em, as you’ll soon see on “Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show” – the water was 66-degrees, the air temp was 20-degrees, and they bit.
But then … then, we drove home to Michigan in an absolute blizzard. Yep, great idea “Z”, schedule a fishing show in a blizzard, and then tow the NitroÒno faster than 45 mph all the way home for six hours. Brilliant! I’m glad Little Johnny and I made it home safe.
Now listen, this week I’m headed somewhere around Texas to film a show. I don’t know where. I’m old school, so I’m not on the gotta-go to Falcon or Amistad train. I’m on the crazy train, the old school train, and I think we might just end up at one of those old school stump jumper reservoirs where dudes like Harold Allen, Tommy Martin and Rick Clunn prowled around with 12” Jelly Worms back in the 1970s.
And let me add, as I point it south … once again, the weather is not good. But TV fishing shows have to be filmed, fish have to be caught, and the Z-train is kept warm and safe by a big ole security blanket better known as Boat US ANGLER.
If I break down, or heaven forbid, slide into a ditch, I can call the phone number on my Boat US ANGLER membership card and they’ll dispatch somebody to come save my big harry self. They’re like the electric blanket I had as a kid – or better yet, the blue SnuggieÒ I have now as an adult.
I’ll leave you with this. I was back in my hometown of Chicago doing seminars at Bass Pro Shops last weekend. I thought everybody should have been home watching the Bears game, but instead, tons of folks went to Bass Pro Shops. One of the dudes in the audience was a high school buddy I haven’t seen in 19 years. He looked at me and said, “dude, it looks like your face has seen a lot of harsh sun since high school. You look like a leather catcher’s mit.” Nice guy. Classic compliment.
Until next time, go Bears - beat the Packers!

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