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Winter Fishing

By BCarson - Published January 04, 2011 - Viewed 1365 times

I was out on the pond for a couple of hours today looking for fish and a pattern for a couple of upcoming trips. One glance at the water temps and I was reminded of the importance of wearing a PFD. If the temps are 47 way down in the Atlanta area then I can only imagine what they are to the north….wear the PFD -  the life it saves could very well be yours.

Now for the fishing stuff…<”)))><
When the water gets this cold the bait fish have a real hard time staying alive so watch the temp data from the electronics and focus on windblown with sun shoreline. Today the fish were everywhere in these areas and 25 feet or less.
The Lowrance Structure Scan does an incredible job of showing the fish even in brush as you can see.
Since I focus on striped bass I choose to use the umbrella rig a great deal at this time. We did the “run drop and look” one time only and hooked numerous fish from 5-10 lbs.

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