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Tom’s Tips About Hurricane Helplessness

By Tom Neale - Published September 06, 2007 - Viewed 1529 times

1. BoatUS and, in particular, its SeaWorthy Magazine has accumulated a great deal of empirical data about dealing with hurricanes when they come. BoatUS is unique in its interest, motivation and sources of information because of its insurance concerns and because of its service orientation to the consumer boater. They’ve sent out special mailings and have special postings on this site. See, for example, the banner on the home page. Read this material carefully and learn from any other credible sources available to you.

2. Never take a hurricane for granted as to what it will do, when it will do it, and where it will go. Despite the best efforts of some very dedicated meteorologists and heroic data gathering by people such as those who fly the hurricane hunter planes, we still can’t be sure about them.

3. Always assume the worst in your preparations. If you don’t and the worst comes, you’ll no longer be able to help yourself.

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