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The Mighty Barge

By lukey - Published July 17, 2008 - Viewed 9866 times

Funny how living on the water offers up many diversions that "land people" just don't get to experience. I guess it's about the wonderful impermanence of our living arrangements. In some sort of zen or quantum physics way, I can claim to not be living on the same water that I lived on yesterday even though I have not left my slip. The water beneath my boat is always moving with tide and wind. If such were the case ashore, I would be constantly under the proverbial "doorway" waiting for the aftershock.

And so it is with those who live on the water. Boats and lives coming and going, from here to there. Anyway, I happened to mention to one of my more creative neighbours (remind me to tell you about the "Tiki Bar") that there was a dilapidated house barge free for the taking at one of our local marinas. Well, a short time later, he calls me and gleefully tells me that he now owns this monster and that he's going to tow it back to our marina. Two  small problems... one, he doesn't know much about towing a vessel of about 50' x 18' and two, the barge is definitely not  welcome at our marina. I offer to help... this life is all about adventure, after all. We couldn't co-ordinate our available times and he sets off with in his Whaler jet boat with one game but very fearful crew and an abundance of confidence... and only about 12 gallons of gas. Ten hours and three trips to the gas dock later, they arrive in the dark and successfully anchor in a quiet cove just opposite  my boat. I had already warned the guy (twice) about not holding me in any way responsible for bringing him together with this beast.

So this coming weekend, we're going to set up lawn chairs, a cooler and armed with pad and paper we're going to try to figure out what kind of silk purse we can make out of this sow's ear.


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