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Life aboard the "George Major"

By lukey - Published July 03, 2008 - Viewed 9580 times

"Hello, my name is Lukey and I'm a liveaboard boater." No, it's not yet another twelve step gathering, but more a quick way to allow the new  person I'm just meeting to nod politely and move away before I start a long dissertation on why dry-wall screws are generally not a good substitute for stainless or some other such boat repair esoterica.

Now, I figure that by writing on this blog website to an audience of boaters the glazed-eye factor will be reduced. Even more-so if you actually live on your boat or do your own repairs or refit. About the closest I have ever come to writing about what I do was the time I wrote and taught a course on boat buying for Arlington County Adult Ed. It was fun and I made some good friends and may have even helped some novice boaters ask themselves some important questions.

I'm no expert, but then neither are most "experts". The people I turn to most for boating advice that works  would not call themselves experts, just people who've made more mistakes than I.

I haven't "been around boats all my life, either", as if that is somehow a qualification. I've been around food all my life and that doesn't make me a gourmet chef.

Anyway, I hope to add a few thoughts, photos, mistakes and triumphs to this site over the next little while.

Welcome aboard!

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