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Tags for French Polynesia Cruise Day 5, Tahaa

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French Polynesia Cruise Day 5, Tahaa

By Lauren James - Published June 10, 2009 - Viewed 13412 times

Day Five - May 21, 2009

Taha'a -- We did a 4x4 tour of this island as well.  We drove around the island and through the mountains, visited a vanilla farm and a pearl farm.  The interior of the island was beautiful and we saw some nice vistas.  At the best viewpoint our guides sang and served us fruit and juice. 

Tahaa 4x4 Jeep

Taha'a 4x4 jeep

Tahaa 4x4 scenery

Taha'a scenery while on 4x4 tour

Taha'a scenery while on 4x4 tour

Tahaa 4x4 flower

Taha'a flower

Our guides singing while on 4x4 tour in Taha'a

Tahaa 4x4 View 2

View while on 4x4 tour in Taha'a

After the tour we went back to the boat to quickly change for the beach-barbeque on the motu. It was beautiful! The beach and water were gorgeous. The water was crystal clear. We did a little snorkeling and there was a lot to see, but unfortunately the current was very strong so I didn’t stay in too long. We also enjoyed the beach-barbeque lunch and the Polynesian show. We walked around the whole island in about 5 minutes.

Tahaa Motu Tree Shadow

Motu near Taha'a

Tahaa Beautiful Water

Beautiful water off motu near Taha'a

Tahaa Motu

Motu near Taha'a

Tahaa Motu View of Raiatea

View from Motu near Taha'a

Tahaa Motu Polynesian Show

Polynesian show on Motu near Taha'a

Before setting sail I went on the photo tender, which circled the boat for about 20 minutes so we could get pictures with the sails up.  I was so happy to have this opportunity. 

Tahaa photo tender ship

View of ship from photo tender

Tahaa photo tender ship 3

View of ship from photo tender

Star Flyer

View of ship

Ship 3

View of Ship

This night was pirate night.  Unfortunately my husband and I did not bring anything for dressing up, but it was fun to see the crew and some passengers all decked out.  I wish I had brought my camera with me to dinner that night!


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