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French Polynesia Cruise Day 2, Moorea

By Lauren James - Published June 07, 2009 - Viewed 10014 times

Day Two - May 18, 2009

Moorea, Cooks Bay -- We did not book a cruise ship excursion on this day as we had already done a lot of activities on Moorea during our pre-cruise stay.  But one of the things I wish we’d done while on Moorea was visit a motu (small island) and snorkel there. So while we were in port, we went to the Intercontinental Resort and took the boat transfer over to the motu. We found a shady place to sit and snorkeled. The snorkeling was great and we saw a wide variety of fish and coral. It was in fairly shallow water, but a little deeper than what we experienced at our hotel in Moorea. I think the snorkeling here was slightly better.

Moorea Motu

Motu near Moorea

Moorea Motu 2

Motu near  Moorea

Moore Motu 3

Motu near Moorea

Moorea Motu Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Moorea

Snorkeling in Moorea


After a few hours of snorkeling we headed back to the ship for lunch.  After lunch we relaxed by the pool until the sailaway.  This was one of my favorite parts of the cruise. I enjoyed watching the crew hoist the sails, and there were beautiful views of Moorea and the sunset as we sailed away.  

View of Moorea from the ship

Moorea View From Ship Day 2

View of Moorea from the ship

View of Moorea from Ship day 2

View of Moorea from the ship

View of Moorea from the ship

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