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French Polynesia Cruise - Day 1

By Lauren James - Published June 06, 2009 - Viewed 9347 times

It had been a long-time dream of mine to visit French Polynesia.  When I read that the Star Flyer would be sailing there, I thought that would be the perfect way to explore the islands. And after over a year of planning and building up excitement for the trip, we were finally there!  We spent a couple of days on Moorea before the cruise.  We did a tour of the island and while we were atop a mountain enjoying the view, I saw the Star Flyer sailing away!  I was now even more excited about boarding the ship for the cruise the next day.


Day One - May 17, 2009

Tahiti-- Luckily our ferry from Moorea came in right next to where the Star Flyer was docked. When we arrived, the crew took our luggage, provided us a welcome drink and allowed us to check-in.  After checking out our room, we went straight up to the library to sign up for excursions. I wanted to make sure that things didn’t fill up causing us to miss out on any of the activities we wanted to do. We had a drink at the bar and explored the ship a bit before getting ready for dinner. We really enjoyed getting to know some of the other passengers at dinner.  It was nice to have some interaction after having been pretty isolated at the resort in the days before the cruise.

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