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Star Clipper - Grenadine Islands - Day 4

By Leigh Ann Grow - Published January 21, 2009 - Viewed 3384 times

St Vincent/ Martinique

We decided again to walk and not take a cab into town.  The streets were lined with a blue trail to follow downtown. The streets were busy with cars and people everywhere.  We met up with some BoatUS members that had been at the party the night before and decided we would get lost together!  We made it to the indoor market and it was amazing.  It was full of local crafters, farmers and people selling handbags, jewelry and spices! 

(Remember to exchange your US Dollars to Euros.)

The people of Martinique were very friendly.  It was midday and time for lunch so we headed back to the ship, this time we caught a cab with George & Diane. It was so HOT and a good hike back to the ship.  Tonight was the Captain’s Dinner so we got ready for lobster and Baked Alaska!

Dinner was fun!  The crew sat with the passengers and it was fun hearing stories from Edvard & Camilo, the Sports Team Crew, about how they got their jobs, where they were from and about their families.  You could tell.they loved their jobs!  Tonight was also the crew talent show.  The acts were amazing and very entertaining! 






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