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Star Clipper - Grenadine Islands - Day 3

By Leigh Ann Grow - Published January 20, 2009 - Viewed 3054 times

BoatUS Cocktail Party!

Bequia- The weather was rainy and cloudy when we woke up. So we decided to hang out on the ship.  We were having the BoatUS Cocktail Party at 6:30pm so we were going to primp.

We treated ourselves to manicures and massages!  So down the stairs to Captain Nemo Lounge (Salon) we went.  As I was waiting I overheard one of the crew members say that they saw a sea turtle earlier - how cool was that!  By late afternoon the weather cleared and it was warm & sunny.  As I was waiting for my manicure, looking out one of the portholes, I noticed several bubbles so I looked to see if it was the sea turtle that was spotted earlier.  With my head pressed against the glass, I saw more bubbles and then, it was the turtle!  No, on second thought, it wasn't,  it was a crew member in full scuba gear!  I screamed and he screamed, not expecting to see a person looking out at him, it was pretty funny!  I ran into him later and he apologized for scaring me!    

Time to Party - The Tropical Bar Bartenders; Joey, Harry and Manolito were great in helping us set up for the cocktail party!  As members started to arrive we saw some familiar faces!  They were also surprised to see that I worked for BoatUS, something that never came up in our conversations by the pool or at dinner! 

We had a great time!  It was nice to hear that they were very happy members!  Captain Sergey came by and spoke to the group, telling his stories about how he became a Captain and his love for the sea.  When I got back I got a note from Mike & Judy and several e-mails from Jack & Mary, who had recently signed up their local boat club to our Cooperating Group Program!  Tonight was pirate night and the crab races so after the party we went to dinner.  Some of the passengers and crew were dressed up as pirates with patches over their eyes and parrots on their shoulders!



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