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Star Clipper - Grenadine Islands - Day 1

By Leigh Ann Grow - Published January 18, 2009 - Viewed 2909 times


Robin and I have been friends for over 20 years and we have traveled together several times.   We were anxiously awaiting this, our trip of a life time, and we could not wait to leave!  We were about to embark on our first Star Clipper Cruise, to the Grenadine Islands.

The morning of our flight it was freezing, both of us layered up with sweatshirts, jackets and of course FLIP FLOPS!  We couldn’t resist and several people at the terminal thought we were crazy!  But we were on our way.  After a brief delay in DC ( they had to warm up the plane) we were on our way to JFK.  The temperature was even colder in New York, then we heard an announcement being made about “mechanical problems” on our plane so we had to wait again for another plane!  As they lined us up against the wall I asked Robin, "do you think our luggage made it?"   "Oh yeah, she replied we are fine!"

Finally, after the longest four hours ever, we landed in Barbados.  Warm & sunny skies greeted us as we made our way off the plane and into the terminal  BoatUS had arranged a cab to take us to the ship.  So, we waited for our luggage, excited and ready to go, and waited, until finally - no luggage!   We didn’t get upset, yell or cry though!   We both had heard growing up, “take extra clothes and necessities in your carry on, just in case.”  Well we had listened to our parents and grandparents and we both had packed our swimsuit, cover-up and shorts in our carry on.  We were going on a cruise, what else did we need!

The American Airlines crew was great and we filled out our forms and started out the terminal for our cab ride.  As we were looking around, 45 minutes late now, two ladies from Star Clipper were walking towards us yelling our last names!  They were very helpful and told us that, when our luggage arrived they would send it to our next port!!  

We made it to the ship!  It was massive, much bigger than I had imagined.  The Captain and Crew greeted us as we  boarded and then, off to the bar we went for a tropical drink to celebrate the beginning of our adventure.

We spoke to the ship’s purser regarding our luggage.  She was great and told us if we needed anything she would give us a discount on any clothes in the ship's store!  She was very encouraging about our luggage catching up to us.  

I started Dramamine just in case.  This was my first cruise and I didn’t know what to expect, though I am a boater, until now, I've mainly kept to the Potomac River. 

At dinner, thank goodness it was casual (still no luggage). They sat us at a table with people from Iowa & Germany!  It was fun and entertaining to hear their Star Clipper stories and adventures!  All of them had been on several cruises and were thrilled about their trips.  The food & service was unbelievable!  Every night we sat with different people from around the world. 

DAY 1- 

As we sailed from Union Island to Grenada we spent most of our time on the upper deck hanging out by the pools and getting some sun!  As I looked up in the sky I could not believe all of the lines and sails.  It was impressive.  So impressive that they were asking for volunteers to climb the masts.  There was no way I was going to do it but we did take a few pictures of a couple of brave souls who did!  Everyone cheered as they reached the top!


We arrived in Grenada and were amazed at how the buildings nestled into the hillside.  We were excited to get ashore!  The people were very nice and the driving was...well, I guess I will never complain about Interstate 95 in Northern Virginia again!   We shopped for a while. I picked up some earrings and Robin bought some spices.  It was a very warm day and we were ready to head back to the ship to cool off in the pool.

When we arrived back on the ship, we were VERY HAPPY to see our luggage had arrived as well!  It was the talk of the ship!  Everyone was wondering “Who was coming aboard”?  We  were famous.  After another great dinner we headed up to the tropical bar to watch the steel band play.  They were AWESOME!!













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