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My Royal Clipper Experience Windward Islands- Day 5 December 17, 2008-St. Kitts

By Ginger Fletcher - Published December 17, 2008 - Viewed 3777 times

Today we are in St. Kitts which is the most beautiful place we have been so far.   We did not sign up for an excursion today.  Instead we were going to hang out on the beach and go snorkeling.   Also, we wanted to go on the Island Safari in the Zodiac.  Unfortunately, we missed the Island Safari (we were running late).  However, we were able to convince Tonja, a member of the sports team, to take a few of us out even through it was over.  She agreed and what a ride it was.  We went around part of the island and the scenery was simply amazing!!!   Afterward we went snorkeling.  Snorkeling here was so much better than in Dominica.  

Later that day, they took the passengers out in the tender to take pictures of the ship in full sail.  These pictures were spectacular with the mountains behind the ship.  I only wish I had a better camera.   

That evening they had crab races in the Tropical Bar in which you could bet on a crab.  I lost but my sister won by betting on Speedy Gonzalez.  

Ginger Fletcher

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