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My Royal Clipper Experience Windward Islands- Day 3 December 15, 2008-Domininca

By Ginger Fletcher - Published December 15, 2008 - Viewed 2536 times

We woke up to another beautiful day.  We went snorkeling in Champagne Cove which was okay but the water was a little hazy.  Then we headed to the rain forest to see Trafalgar Falls.  It was raining but according to the tour guide, it rains almost every day.  That area gets on average 350 inches of rain a year.  This was a great tour and our guide Ophelia was wonderful.  We had a good lunch on the island and then went back to the ship.   

That evening was the BoatU.S. cocktail party in the Library.  I headed to the library to make sure everything was ready and Manolito had taken care of everything.  At 6:30 everyone started arriving, including Captain Sergey.  I took a moment to introduce myself and thanked everyone for being a member and booking their trip through BoatU.S. Travel.   Everyone had a great time.  Everyone had good comments about their experiences with BoatU.S. and they really like the bags and hats I had given out.  

After the cocktail party we went to dinner and then to the Tropical Bar.


Ginger Fletcher

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