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Old Boats and Winter

By badriance - Published November 17, 2008 - Viewed 2405 times

A lot of older boats are bought by inexperienced owners who are lured into the purchase because they "get a lot of boat for the money." That may be true, but it's equally true that older boats, much like their human counterparts, typically need more care and attention to keep them healthy. This is especially true in winter, when a boat and its aging systems are tested by heavy winds, precipitation and freezing temperatures.

If you're in the market for a boat, be aware that older boats, despite their considerable charms, are liable to require more maintenance. do you have the time and/or money to assure its upkeep? A member in Maryland wrote Seaworthy back in late '07 about a boat he had owned for many years. The boat had been sold and the member hoped the new owner would lavish the necessary care and keep it in good condition. Instead, he said it was used infrequently and ignored. Last winter it sank and was declared a total loss. The letter was signed "From someone who likes boats."

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