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Tom’s Tips about Nantucket

By Tom Neale - Published November 13, 2008 - Viewed 1954 times

Tom’s Tips about Nantucket

1. Thousands of pleasure boats make the trip to Nantucket each season. It’s approximately 30 miles offshore. But there are many shoals and cross currents that can cause trouble if you don’t exercise prudent navigation.

2. Read up on relevant guide books and navigation resource material before you go and have current paper and electronic charts aboard.

3. Fog “happens” regularly in this area. It’s one of the reasons they call the island “The Grey Lady.” Always plan with it in mind, and don’t go if you think it’s coming.

4. While I usually recommend dinghy exploration at cruising destinations, I don’t suggest you do this outside the harbor. The area to the western end described above has many shoals and false channels, and Nantucket is way out in the ocean. Do explore this area, but take a local boat with a knowledgeable skipper.

5. The Nantucket TowboatUS operator can be reached at (508) 257-9625 or on the VHF radio.

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