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Hurricane Ike - CAT Field Team Status

By Rick Wilson - Published October 06, 2008 - Viewed 8805 times

Good Morning from Alexandria,

Well, the field aspect of the Hurricane Ike Catastrophe Field Team response is almost complete. 

I came home Friday evening and most of our surveyors spent the weekend wrapping up files and getting ready to head home as well.  We still have 3 surveyors on the ground at this time, Steve Sudol, Mike McCook and David Wiggin.  It is my hope that these last 3 will be heading home in the next couple of days.  Mike and David are wrapping up our final major salvage operation, the 58 Altima that is between houses on Clear Lake Shores, which was delayed through all of last week due to other jobs that the salvors have been working on.  Steve is doing some clean up work with D.A.'s and in some of the outlying areas.

David Linzy our local Houston resource has been briefed on the files that are coming his way and will be doing the follow up work from this storm for some time to come.  He will also be following up on the salvage efforts in Bayland Park Marina in Baytown once they get underway.  (We are still awaiting a decision by the city).

We have XX boats in our storage yard and another XX in the US Auctions yard for temporary storage until we can finalize the paperwork and make a decision regarding the disposition of our salvage.  I am hopeful that we will can make this decision in the next week or so and be able to close up our storage yard by the end of the month.

With regard to the processing of the claims we continue to make great progress.  Of the approximately XXX claims filed nationwide relative to Hurricane Ike we have approximately XXX closed and another approximately XXX in which we have sent paperwork to finalize the CTL's.  Therefore, just 3 weeks after the storm made landfall, we have 63% of the claims reported to date, processed and a settlement or the papers necessary to finalize the settlement in the insureds hands.

Rob, Trisha, Andrea, Rocky and I will continue to work on getting these files completed and settlements out to the insureds.

We heard time and again from boat owners and staff in almost every marina we entered that we were the first CAT Team on scene.  In fact we were still hearing from people as we were leaving town that they still had not seen or heard from their carriers.  I am very proud of all of the work that our dedicated team of surveyors and adjusters has done in providing the level of service that we have become known for following a Catastrophe event such as Ike.

I wish to extend my thanks to everyone around the company for their service to the team as well, specifically to:

    PSC for taking so many first reports and doing so with an exceptional level of accuracy and detail; to
    Brad Sulima and BoatUS travel for coordinating all of the travel plans and for finding us a hotel in the medical center district of Houston which had power restored the same day as the storm; to
    The underwriting department for making outgoing calls to our insured members to try to draw in as many claims as we could while our team was in place; to
    Scott Croft and Terri Parrow Botsford for traveling to Houston with a reporter from Soundings in tow and hopefully extending the positive public relations aspect of the team to a broader audience; to
    Diana Card and the accounting team for making sure that we had the appropriate funding to get job done; to
    Kristin Loyd and the claims admin team for their tireless work on creating field packets, and to
    Bob Misener for coming out of retirement for an encore performance as our Administrative Manager who can get anything we need done, done. 
    If I have forgotten anyone, I sincerely apologize and assure you that your efforts on our behalf are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Rick Wilson
Assistant Vice President
BoatUS Claims Department
Director BoatUS CAT Team

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