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Hurricane Ike - CAT Field Team Status

By Rick Wilson - Published September 25, 2008 - Viewed 8622 times

Hello again,

We have had another successful day in Texas. 

In Galveston we have  completed several salvage jobs over the last 2 days. We have completed all of the salvage jobs that we have been made aware of at Galveston Yacht Basin and Payco Marine. 

We have completed several of our larger  more complicated salvages on the north shore of Clear Lake and Randy Roden has done more damages appraisals over the last few days.

On the south side of Clear Lake we have continued to get salvage jobs done and move boats on to the salvage yard.

In the storage yard we have received our jackstands and have XX boats on the yard.   We have quite a few boats that have been salvaged and are temporarily staged waiting for transport to the yard.

George Mansfield today took a boat ride to the Bolivar penisula finding boats we have claims on there. The penisula will be opening to residents tomorrow.

We have made significant progress and continue to settle claims quickly.  Rob, Trisha, Andrea and Rocky contine to do a great job managing the adjustment process.  


Rick Wilson
Assistant Vice President
BoatUS Claims Department
Director BoatUS CAT Team

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