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Hurricane Ike - CAT Field Team Status

By Rick Wilson - Published September 24, 2008 - Viewed 8638 times

Howdy from the Great State of Texas,

We have had another successful day here in the field.

Starting from the North end of Galveston Bay, we continue to work our relationships in Baytown, and are currently awaiting the city to award the contract for the salvage there.  Upon the award of this contract we will work with the chosen facility to sign specific contracts for our boats in this yard.

At the Storage Yard,  all of our trucking resources are here in town and we expect the traffic to the yard to accelerate.

At the Houston Yacht Club the salvage work is progressing and Damage appraisals are being written there.

In Clear Lake we have several salvage jobs underway on the north side of the lake, which should be completed tomorrow.  We intend to have Randy Roden work in that area tomorrow to knock out D.A.’s in this area.

On the south side of Clear Lake at Watergate we have completed several salvage jobs and have the boats staged temporarily until we can coordinate the haul outs and our trucking resources.  We will work this out in the next couple days.  Fortunately the yards in this area have been and continue to be exceptionally cooperative with us.

On Tiki Island we have inspected, salvaged and prepared damage appraisals on a number of our boats.   Most of the boats in this area have been inspected, all of the insured have been contacted and several contracts have been signed for several other boats.

In Galveston we again have several boats that have been raised and are awaiting transport.  Again the local facilities are very friendly to us in this regard because of the relationships our surveyors in the field have developed.

From BoatUS HQ  we had Scott Croft and Terri Parrow Botsford along with Chris Landry from Soundings with us yesterday afternoon and today to spend some time with us and see how the BoatUS Catastrophe Team works in the aftermath of a hurricane.  I would invite Terri and Scott to let you know how this went from their perspective but I believe that today went very well.  I hope that this visit will generate some interesting PR relative to our Catastrophe Field Team.

The Cat Team adjusters have continued to stay totally and completely on top of the necessary paperwork processing and have left the office each night with all new documents processed through WorkDesk.  I am very proud of the work that Rob, Trisha, Andrea and Rocky are doing and the surveyors appreciate all of the support that you are all providing.

That is all from the field today. 

Rick Wilson
Assistant Vice President
BoatUS Claims Department
Director BoatUS CAT Team

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