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Hurricane Ike - CAT Field Team Status

By Rick Wilson - Published September 21, 2008 - Viewed 3652 times

It was a good weekend for the CAT Team. 

As we have previously advised we anticipate the salvor for the Houston Yacht Club to begin setting up on scene tomorrow and hopefully we will have some salvage operations underway starting late Monday or first thing Tuesday morning.

We had several salvage jobs occur over the weekend at Watergate Marine in the Clear Lake area and Randy Roden arrived Friday afternoon and cranked out Damage Appraisas (DAs) in and around Watergate and Waterford on Saturday and several more today.  We also were able to complete several other salvages on the other side of Clear Lake in the Seabrook shipyard area and have contracted for several more around the north side of Clear Lake to take place early next week.

Several salvage jobs were completed in the Freeport area and after only gaining access to Galveston Island at the end of last week we have already completed several salvage jobs on Galveston over this weekend and have located most of the claims we have reported there.

The yard contract has been signed, we received the first of the trailers full of stands that were being stored in Louisiana after Katrina and supplies for the salvage yard have been purchased.  The Yard is up and running and we expect to have the first boat arrive there tomorrow.  It is already on Ted’s trailer ready to be delivered from Watergate Marine.  We have 2 trucks arriving tomorrow and one more on Tuesday.  The yard should be operational tomorrow. 

In Baytown we have identified all of our boats and are working on locating salvage resources for this area. 

Most of the insured’s have been contacted at this point and most of the salvage jobs are either under contract or in the process of being bid out for contract.

We already have damage appraisals in the process of being written and settlements should start flowing for the repairable boats this week.  There is still a lot of salvage to be completed but once that gets underway this week, I think we should move quickly through a lot of these jobs. 

It seems like the incoming claims have slowed down but I thank the underwriting department for their efforts to make contact with the insured’s in the area to flush out the claims that need to be reported. 

Thanks for everyone’s help.


Rick Wilson
Assistant Vice President
BoatUS Claims Department
Director BoatUS CAT Team

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