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Hurricane Ike - CAT Field Team Status

By Rick Wilson - Published September 17, 2008 - Viewed 3779 times

Good evening everyone,

With Rick currently traveling on his way to Houston, he asked me to follow up with an update of today’s events.

We had the surveyors doing more recon work today along with identifying and tagging vessels.  Additionally we asked them to focus on meeting with marina owners/managers/dock masters in order to establish a good relationship and see what we may be able to help them with.

Here are some brief summaries:

Freeport-Visited the area marinas and made contact with most of them.  Several vessels in this area were identified and tagged at Ridge Harbor Marina.  The claim count from this area is still very small with only one claim being reported since the update last night.

Galveston Island-While access to the island is still blocked, we were able to secure a vessel from the local TowBoatUS and the damage to a potion of the island was surveyed from the water.  The marinas that we did see are, just as expected, devastated with most of the vessels in large piles.  Several boats were seen and tagged but because we are not even supposed to be on the island the tagging was kept to a minimum.  Claims in this area will certainly grow once the area is reopened.

Clear Lake Area-The surveyors spent time today trying to locate barges and cranes that are available for salvage work.  Watergate Marina now has a 100 ton crane on the property and we are currently in the process of negotiating a salvage rate for this crane.  With any luck salvages in this marina should be under way by the end of the week.  We were also able to locate and tag between 10-12 boats in this marina.

La Porte-We made contact with the general manager of the Houston Yacht Club today.  A meeting is set for tomorrow to include Mike McCook, , the general manager, the dock master and a representative for the yacht clubs insurance company, Chubb.  We feel confident that they will allow us to use their property as a staging area.  Ted has some reservations about this due to the condition of the road leading in but we may be able to make it work.  The yacht club may also be our back up storage area.

Seabrook-Some of the boats in this area were identified and tagged.  Trisha received a call earlier from the manager of the Seabrook Ship Yard and he stated that one of our vessels had the mast leaning up against the power lines and was preventing them from restoring power to the marina.  A call was placed to David Wiggin who was at the marina and was standing outside the door to the office.  He was able to immediately make contact with the manager and put in place a resolution to the problem.

Port Arthur-We have identified and tagged 4 boats that currently need salvage.  Contact was made with a construction company that can handle the salvage and hopefully tomorrow we will have contacts signed for the removal of these vessels.  Claims in this area have been minimal.

Montgomery-Saved the best for last…..Fred Wright was able to have the first salvage of Hurricane Ike completed!  While it was only a bass boat broken into 3 pieces….not glamorous but still a salvage, none the less, and the local TowBoatUS operator in Lake Conroe was able to complete the salvage!

Salvage Yard-Several areas have been located as good choices for a salvage yard.  We are currently waiting for a callback from our number 1 choice.  As of this evening the owner has been unwilling to make a commitment.  (Probably waiting to see what other offers he gets.)    

That is everything to report for this evening.  More to follow tomorrow.


Rob Field
Supervisor/Large Loss Coordinator
BoatUS Marine Insurance Claims

Rick Wilson
Assistant Vice President
BoatUS Claims Department
Director BoatUS CAT Team

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