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Tags for Hurricane Ike - Day two with the CAT Team - Galveston Yacht Basin, Galveston, TX

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Hurricane Ike - Day two with the CAT Team - Galveston Yacht Basin, Galveston, TX

By Terri Parrow Botsford - Published September 24, 2008 - Viewed 6526 times

After the 7am CAT Team meeting, we jumped into the car and drove to Galveston Yacht Basin.  What should have taken 30 minutes ended up taking over 2 hours due to the traffic getting on to Galeston Island!  The island wasn't open to the public yet and they had a security check point that brought the highway down to just 2 lanes.  Most of the traffic consistant of trucks with ladders and cleaning equipment trying to get out to the island to help with the clean up.

When we finally arrived, the devistation was amazing!  There were boats along the edge of the highway leading to the island where the road crews had pushed them from the middle of the road!  Once on the island, none of the traffic lights works and 99% of the gas stations and stores were still closed and looked like they would stay that way for weeks yet.

We arrived to Galveston Yacht Basin and you could see where some of the boats had floated and ended up in the parking lot where cars should have been.  The next thing we saw was what use to be a very large storage rack.  You wouldn't have guessed that just to look at it.  This multi level rack was melted down and barely one floor now.  Everything was burnt and unwreckonisable.  You couldn't even get in the building if you had wanted to! 

Then we walked over to another storage shed where they worked on boats.  There was a Hatterus stuck in there, but it couldn't get out because the building had partially colasped around it!  And check out where the Grand Banks ended up!  These photos are around the same building.

Then we walked around the covered boat sheds.

From the covered sheds we went to the docks along the breakwall.

To see more photos from the CAT Team go to www.BoatUS.com/Hurricanes/Ike/index.asp


Terri Parrow Botsford
Internet Operations

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