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Tags for Stranded Manatee Struggles to Survive

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Stranded Manatee Struggles to Survive

By Tom Neale - Published October 22, 2008 - Viewed 9379 times

This unusual video shows a Manatee trapped in a creek during an extreme low tide in northern Florida. The Manatee is filmed almost completely out of the water. The related DVD documents the life or death drama as the Manatee, helped by boaters and local officials, tries to breathe, stay alive, and hopefully escape. The related DVD also shows extremely rare footage of the Manatee walking in very shallow water. Few have seen the "pect walk" which makes you wonder if the Manatee has walked on land in the  past, or will in the future. Check this site for availability of the DVD soon.

Enjoy the video and post your comments!

Tom and Mel Neale

 P.S. Coming soon, a DVD of all Tom and Mel's videos. Check this site for availability of the full DVD soon.

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