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Last Show Day

By John Jaeger - Published September 16, 2008 - Viewed 2246 times

Sunday, Sept. 14

Today is the final day of the boat show. “It’s Only Money” and the other Hylas boats had to be at the show by Sunday noon the week before the show because Hylas has one of the first spots in the show. It is a great location and I think the boats have been received by the public extremely well. In Newport, they have a 46, our 49 and a 54.   I understand they will also have a 70 at the Annapolis show.
Last Monday we returned home to VA for a couple of days awaiting the beginning of the show. The first day of the show (Thursday) was a VIP day and not that busy. The weather was nice and we had an opportunity to do a little wandering about checking out the other boats. Thursday evening finished off with a cocktail and dinner with gathering of Hylas owners. We exchanged information about our boats, maintenance, cruises, etc. The Hylas Owners Association is a very valuable resource for information and a great source of social boating activities.
On Friday, we were invited to go out on a Hylas 70 for a day sail. It was nice a breezy; steady 16 to 18 knots, a few periods of more than 20.  We easily got the boat up to 10 knots. This boat goes fast. We understand they made 900 miles in 3 days. That is an average of nearly 14 knots. It is a magnificent vessel. We were exhausted so turned in early.
Saturday we stayed on the boat the entire day helping direct traffic on the boat. We usually had a line of people waiting to board and it was fun sharing our experience with people. They ask the same questions and we provide the same answers. Q: Is this boat for sale? A: No, we just got her 1 month ago. Q: Have you had a chance to sail her yet? A: Yes, we’ve gone about 1500 nm from Ft. Lauderdale to VA, some around VA and then from VA to RI. Q: How does she sail?......etc., etc., Diana wanted to make up a queue card by the time the day was over. We met some wonderful people and we believe we helped sell a couple of boats. It is interesting to be in a position to be completely honest about a buying experience with nothing at stake. But, so far our experience has been fantastic and we believe this boat builder stands behind their product. 
Sunday is proving to be a cool and wet start. The expectation is partial sunshine by this afternoon. The forecast calls for a nice breezy day on Monday. Since we were one of the first boats in, we’ll be one of the last boats out. Hopefully we’ll get out by noon, get great weather and lots of wind. Our plan is to return via the Long Island Sound, then come into the Delaware Bay and come through the top of the Chesapeake instead of going outside all the way. We could change the plan. We hope to make the trip in 3 days as one of my brothers and his family, my step mom and a good family friend are all going to be at our home in Williamsburg on Thursday night. We’re going to sail for 14 to 16 hours each day and then anchor out for a solid 5 to 6 hours of sleep, instead of going 24/7. Wish us luck. I’m sure I’ll make a couple more updates during our trip.

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