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Arrived in Newport

By John Jaeger - Published September 09, 2008 - Viewed 2235 times

We have arrived in Rhode Island. We kept going through the afternoon and evening. We were well ahead of the storm and the decision was an easy and safe one. George and I had the 0200 a.m. to 0600 watch and I was exhausted afterwards and even though we would be in Newport within the next hour and a half, I collapsed in my berth. At 7:15 Diana woke me up and I slowly got myself dressed in my foul weather clothing, including my high boots. It was raining cats and dogs. It had been most of the night. 

This trip has been particularly interesting. With only four people aboard we had no water issues and we all washed our hair and took a shower using the aft fresh water wash down. We never switched over to the second 100 gallon tank.
As far as diesel goes, we have three tanks. We started with the 68 gallon tank and didn’t switch to the 77 gallon until sometime during the 10 to 0200 watch. We probably only burned about 1.2 gallons for every hour we ran the engine. We were lucky and had a chance to sail for about 4 hours yesterday with the engine off and still kept up a good pace of  7 – 8 knots.
We seemed to catch all the good breaks. Whenever we entered an area with current, we had it going with us. I think we only had a negative current for about 2 hours the entire trip.
At the boat docks in Newport, we are temporarily tied up awaiting all the boats which regularly dock here to depart. It will be a packed day the rest of today and Sunday. Plan to go over our punch list with the Hylas folks (only a few items to address). I’m very pleased about the condition and sea worthiness of this boat. She is solid and fast for her size.

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