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Tanias Books

By Shangri-La - Published August 15, 2007 - Viewed 1832 times

Maiden Voyage. By Tania Aebi, With Bernadette Bernon
Simon and Schuster, 1989. ISBN # 0-345-41012-3 -- $13.95.
Available in bookstores and through Amazon.com and other online booksellers

Written immediately following her circumnavigation, Maiden Voyage, Tania Aebi’s spellbinding account of her epic solo journey around the world, is currently in its twelfth trade paperback printing. It has been translated into seven languages, and portions of it have been anthologized in many collections. It also spent three weeks on The London Times bestseller list, and was selected in 1998 as a Best Book For Young Adults by the American Library Association. As Walter Cronkite put it, Maiden Voyage is “an exciting tale of an extraordinarily brave and romantic adventure.”

“Her story is bigger than life itself… Aebi is the first American woman and youngest person to circumnavigate the globe alone . . . a story of a brave and romantic young lady.”

—The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Her romantic adventure is told . . . straightforwardly and with broad appeal . . . it is a story of fresh eyes on faraway places. And a story of discovery as Tania finds those two priceless treasures, love and self-confidence.”

—Los Angeles Times

“Like most first-class yarns of passage-making heroics, Aebi’s story is a much deeper adventure of the kind of self-discovery that one finds only when pushing toward one’s limit.”

—The Boston Globe

“One of the season’s most rewarding books.”

—The San Mateo Times

I’ve Been Around. By Tania Aebi
Sheridan House, 2005. $17.95.
Available in selected bookstores and through Amazon.com and other online booksellers

In 1997, Tania Aebi was hired as a columnist by the fledging sailing magazine Latitudes & Attitudes. “Casual and friendly in its approach to the sailing world, the magazine's tone provided me with a place to explore my own reflections on what I already knew and continued to learn about the sailing way of life and how to share it all with others.” In more than 20 years of cruising by herself and with family, and leading ten-day flotillas to charter destinations in a professional capacity, she has gathered many anecdotes, observations, opinions, cautionary tales and advice. Indeed, she has been around.

In this, her first book since Maiden Voyage, there is something for the armchair sailor dreaming about sailing off one day, as well as for the sailor in the cockpit actively chasing those horizons.

"Aebi helps us remember that sailing and being on the water are the important things, not how much the boat costs or whether we have all the latest gadgets and doohickies. Since she sailed around the globe in a 26-foot boat without GPS, perhaps we can learn a few lessons from her."

— Carolina Currents

“Tania has penned a fascinating collection of stories, philosophies and vignettes. This collection is great for folks who have time to read it cover to cover as well as those who have to grab a bit of reading here and there.”

—The Ensign

“Tania has developed a very acute sense of the world of boats. You can read all about it in her latest book, her first since Maiden Voyage, a collection of short essays written over a decade. They are at once amusing, insightful, informative, and —more than anything else —both articulate and decidedly mature.”

—Charles J. Doane, SAIL Magazine

"In the 20 years since [her circumnavigation], Aebi has gathered plenty of anecdotes, observations and advice in her career as a professional sailor, lecturer and columnist. I've Been Around continues Aebi's story. "


“Tania Aebi's I’ve Been Around provides a new book gathering her sailing experience. And if her name sounds familiar, it's because Aebi sailed around the world alone on her Maiden Voyage boat at age 18, producing the best-selling account of the voyage, which continues to sell to this day. Her [latest book] blends reflections on sailing with life and will bring new audiences to enjoy her experience.”                                                                    


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