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$170 Million  Tom Perkins  Maltese Falcon  Perini Navi  Yacht  Turkey  

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By Hugh Mulzac - Published August 25, 2008 - Viewed 17999 times

Now I’ve been working for BoatUS for a little over 3 months now and I’m picking up a lot of knowledge about boating in general from people around the office.

My interests in boating peaks when we are in meetings and we talk about different types of boats and what have you... So after one meeting I decided to go and look at some stuff on my own and stumbled upon this amazing yacht and had to write about it!

The 289’ Perini Navi Maltese Falcon Yacht…

Here’s the specs:
Length: 88.00 m (289’)
Beam: 12.6 m (42’2”)
Draft (Keel up): 6 m (19’7”)
Draft (Keel down): 11 m (36’)
Engines: 2 Deutz TBD620 12 V
Speed: Max 18.5 kts
Range @14 knots: 3,000 miles
Builder: Perini Navi Yachts
Delivered: April 2006
Number of Guests: 12
Number of Crew: 16 (Up to additional 4)
When I saw this yacht I was taken by how luxurious it was and of course the hefty price tag on it.
The Perini Navi Maltese Falcon is being sold for $169,291,500 US dollars and is ported in the South Pacific by a “private owner.”
WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND HAS THAT TYPE OF MONEY TO SPEND ON A BOAT!?!?! Was the first thing that popped into my head… An island off the coast off Dubai is cheaper.
Well according to a press release sent out on the yacht in 2005, the Maltese Falcon was already spoken for by a “private boating enthusiast.” So what enthusiast of anything has the type of money to spend on a boat that isn’t even being used as a commercial cruising liner??? I had to… So I did my research.
The yacht so happened to be commissioned to be built by Tom Perkins a venture capitalist & Hewlett Packard Computer’s GM (This explains how he can afford it).
While Perkins dabbled in the creation of such companies as Amazon.com, AOL & Genentech, he finds time to hit the open seas with his collection of boats.  
He decided to build this boat because he was “bored” and needed something to do as an extension to his hobby of boating… ***Go figure… I wish I had hobbies where I can blow close to $200 millions on  (Maybe…)***
The Maltese Falcon holds 16 crew and 16 passengers and was and is built and docked somewhere in Turkey right now. Overall the yacht was a monumental achievement in the world of engineering and boating. The yacht was a five year project for boat designer/builder Fabio Perini & Perkins and is FAST!
The finished boat is one of the most beautiful crafts made in the modern era of yachting/boating.
I just want to see it up-close one day…
Here are some more pictures of it to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.
Please tell me what you think.


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