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Planning our February 2009 Royal Clipper Cruise Part 1

By Terri Parrow Botsford - Published August 18, 2008 - Viewed 5637 times

Its been too long since our last Star Clipper trip; it’s time to plan another one!  Half the fun of a vacation like this is the planning!  So I’ll try and write about this fun part as well. 

My husband Todd and I decided a few weeks ago to do another trip (we each posted our own blogs about our first trip: Todd’s Blog, my Blog).  The hard part was deciding which one.  We would love to do one in the Med, or Tahiti or the Far East, but don’t want to spend that much time flying to get there right now so we opted for the Caribbean.  Next we had to decide between the Windward Islands (St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, St. Kitts, Iles des Saintes, and Martinique) or the Grenadine Islands (Grenadines, Grenada, Tobago Cays, St. Vincent, Bequia, Martinique and St. Lucia).   We opted for the Grenadines.  After that the date was easy, February 14, 2009; what could be a more romantic way to spend Valentines Day than starting a week in the islands on the Royal Clipper?!

So we mentioned this to some of our family and the next thing we know we have 8 other people going with us now!  We have Todd’s sister and her friend, Todd’s brother and his wife, my daughter and her boyfriend and his parents!  I don’t know if what really spurred everyone was our company or the fact that Star Clipper has a promotion going on with BoatUS right now with rates of 40% off!  For what ever reason, this is really going to be fun! 

Since we’ve already been on one Star Clipper trip, we do have a little advantage; we know what to expect.  We already know that the dress is always casual so we don’t have to over pack.  We know how the excursions work so this time we’ll pace ourselves and not try to do everything!  The last time we just went by ourselves and we met a lot of neat people.  This time we’ll have a lot of people we already know; I hope this doesn’t keep us from meeting other new people!  If 10 other BoatUS Members (and their friends) book this same cruise via BoatUS Travel, then we’ll be able to host a private party one night on the ship, just like we did last time.  You can read about it here on my blog from our first trip - Star Clipper - Treasure Islands - Day Five.

One thing we’re going to do on this SC trip is to plan a head for the Captain’s dinner.  I understand it will have a pirate’s theme so we have between now and then to find some really neat costumes!  Since Christmas is coming, some accouterments could make for some good gifts too!

Next I want to research geocaching on the different islands we’ll be going to.  We did that the last time, plus other vacations we’ve been on and have found that can be a lot of fun.  It always takes us to places we wouldn’t normally get a chance to see.  You can read about our geocaching from our last SC blogs as well as go to www.geocaching.com to learn more about it.

In future blogs I’ll write more about my planning.  Vacations such as this one really is the epitome of the old saying, It’s the journey not the destination!

Terri Parrow Botsford
Internet Operations

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