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Changes in the Works - March 1, 2002

By The Ithaka - Published March 01, 2002 - Viewed 891 times

Changes in the Works


March 1, 2002
By Bernadette and Douglas Bernon  More articles by this author



Dear Readers,

There are a couple of changes in the works. We’ve been invited to write the Log of Ithaka for the back page of Cruising World every month, in the space where Off Watch has been. We’re excited about this new assignment and invite your thoughts for future columns.

(Regular readers of Off Watch, don’t worry. Starting in April, the column will appear in the front of the magazine, in the section that includes People & Food and Passage Notes, under a new name: Point of View.)

So starting in February, we’ll post a fresh "Log Of Ithaka" on-line every other Friday, rather than every Friday. We’re grateful to those of you who have read the Log here each week and hope you’ll enjoy both the bi-weekly web postings as well as our monthly columns in Cruising World.

In many ways, "The Log Of Ithaka" has been a collaboration between us and you, and we write it as though we are talking with friends. We hope the magazine essays will do the same, so please get in touch via email (Ithaka@cruisingworld.com) if you have thoughts. Again, many thanks for joining us, for your encouragement, and for deepening the experience of our voyage.

Bernadette and Douglas

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