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Where do you get books to read in English

By The Ithaka - Published November 25, 1999 - Viewed 896 times

Where do you get books to read in English when you’re in foreign countries?

“You guys say that cruising gives you lots of time to read, but where do you get books in English when you’re in foreign countries?” asks Peter S. from Sacramento, California. “Do you have them shipped down or something?”

From Bernadette:  The easiest thing in the world is to find good books to read while you’re out cruising. Often there are book-trade shelves in local restaurants where cruisers hang out. You just bring books you’ve read, and take books that interest you. We found great book-trade shelves in Belize, all over Guatemala, in Honduras, in Panama, in Colombia. It’s not a problem.

When you meet fellow cruisers in faraway anchorages, one of the first things we often ask each other is if we have any good books to trade. Almost always, the answer is an enthusiastic yes. The only hitch is to make sure that your fellow cruiser enjoys the same kind of books you do. Douglas and I always take a quick look at our new friends’ bookshelves before declaring we have a stash to share, as there’s nothing more disappointing than giving away a bunch of terrific books and finding that the other boat offers you a bag full of Danielle Steele! That doesn’t happen often, however. Cruisers, by far, are the most well-read group of people you’ll ever come across. Their boats are, literally, filled with books, and we all love to talk about good stories we’ve come across. For Douglas and me, it’s been one of the real joys of the lifestyle.

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