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Isnt it a pain fighting the sails all th

By The Ithaka - Published November 23, 1999 - Viewed 972 times

Isn’t it a pain fighting the sails all the time?

“Isn't it a pain to fight with the sails all the time?” Walt asked. “I'd be pitching that genoa thing overboard with the anchor!  It's a total lack of understanding of sailboats speaking when I say this, but more than once I've been reading your logs and silently screamed, ‘Start the damn engine!’ ”

From Bernadette :  When the wind is blowing, and the sails are full, and you’re making great speed through the water, the feeling you get is one of thrilling and complete satisfaction down to your core. It’s magical, a feeling of endless possibilities. When the wind dies, and the sails need tweaking, and trimming, and coaxing, Douglas and I are in complete agreement: That’s a little preview of what hell must be like, and during those moments we want an extremely big engine, and we want it RIGHT NOW. We’re not purists; we don’t hesitate to put the engine on when the wind dies, or when we want to make a landfall before sunset. At those moments, the sound of the Yanmar rumbling to life is the sweetest of symphonies.

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