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What are some great gift ideas for cruise

By The Ithaka - Published November 20, 1999 - Viewed 1027 times

What are some great gift ideas for cruisers?

We got a note recently from Maryanne M. of West Palm Beach, Florida, who wrote to tell us she’s throwing a good-bye party for her son and his wife, who are setting off cruising this fall. She wanted some good ideas for little gifts the guests could bring to the party.

From Bernadette:  Before we set off cruising, our friends threw us a good-bye party, everyone brought us a bottle of wine, signed with a message. So in the months that followed, when we pulled a bottle of wine out of the bilge, it was always a wonderful treat to see who gave it to us, and to read the note they’d written on the label. Other friends brought great books, and inscribed the inside. Again, opening one of these books months later was a wonderful connection with people who we love.

Giving practical cruising gifts to your family and friends can be a challenge. The key, though, is to think PRACTICAL. Here are a few gift ideas in every price range:
  • 12-Volt suction-based  Califano fan that you can move around the boat
  • Hand-held depth sounder to use in the dinghy
  • Spear gun
  • Any spare parts or replacement parts you know they need (every boat owner has a to-do list that includes endless purchases of replacement parts)
  • Shorty wetsuit or a very lightweight diving “skin” suit
  • Nigel Calder’s “Refrigeration for Pleasure Boats: Installation, Maintenance and Repair,” and his encyclopedic and essential reference  book “Boat Owners Mechanical and Electrical Manual: How to maintain, Repair and Improve your Boat’s Essential Systems.”
  • Linda and Steve Dashew’s “Practical Seamanship: Essential Skills for the Modern Sailor”
  • Ed Sherman’s “Outboard Engines, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair”
  • Scott and Wendy Bannerot’s fishing bible “The Cruiser’s Handbook of Fishing,”
  • Kathy Parson’s “Spanish For Cruisers: Boat Repair, Maintenance and Phrase Book”, essential if your son and his wife plans to take their boat further south.  Parson is now publishing French For Cruisers as well.
  • Michael Carr’s “Weather Predicting Simplified”
  • Paul Humann’s wonderful four volume series “Reef Fish, Reef Creatures, Reef Coral and Reef Fish Behavior”, the best identification books there are.
  • Weekly recordings of favorite radio shows, such as Prairie Home Companion, Car Talk, or Fresh Air
  • Copies of  music CDs or movie DVDs
  • Sharpening stones
  • Right-angle drill
  • Vacuum packer to preserve fresh foods
  • Extra rolls of bagging material if they already have a vacuum packer
  • A kitchen mallet for conch pounding
  • Good fish-filleting knife
  • An offshore trolling rig, including wine cork, needle-nose pliers, nail clippers, extra squid lure, two bronze crimps, instructions on killing fish, filleting knife, and a bottle of vodka (A splash in the gills knocks out the fish)
  • Zip-lock freezer bags in all sizes
  • Mace
  • Baja fuel filter
  • 100 % DEET insect repellent
  • Loc-Tite, in medium and super strength to help prevent problems from vibration
  • Oxalic acid, to take away yellow waterline, and remove stubborn rust from gel coat and paint
  • Whink, to get rust stains out of fabric
  • Bronze wire brush with slim-taper file for repairing buggered threads on bolts
  • Nicholson round bastard file
  • Liquid Wrench
  • X-14 mildew stain remover
  • Screw extractor set
  • Extension mirror, for seeing underneath and behind things
  • Calipers: metric and standard
  • Ronsonal Lighter Fluid, removes gummy stuff, sticker glue, masking tape glue. Also a good spot cleaner for fabrics (not safe for plastics)
  • Clear “contact” paper, great for waterproofing book jackets and charts, or for making temporary or emergency plaques in engine room, first-aid locker, cockpit
  • Mini Rayvac flashlight with clip
  • Stockings for emergency repairs for broken fan belts
  • Marine -Tex for steel when tapping things
  • Stanley mini hacksaw, for cutting those hard-to-get-at things
  • Heavy Weather Survival Kit: earplugs!
  • Have your son and daughter in law sign up for the online gift registry at BoatUS or West Marine, so that your guests can get them exactly what’s needed.
  • A really cool gift idea for a cruisers’ good-bye party would be a bottle of wine (inscribed) or a book (inscribed) with one or two of the smaller items above tied to it.
  • If you have more ideas, send them to us and we’ll include them in a future column.

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