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Do you have air conditioning on Ithaka?

By The Ithaka - Published December 15, 2006 - Viewed 11820 times

Do you have air conditioning on Ithaka?

Walt, in Ohio emailed us, asking Douglas if we have air conditioning on Ithaka. “I don't recall any mention of it in your logs,” wrote Walt, “so I assume the answer is no. Assuming this is correct, did you purposely avoid getting air conditioning in a pathetic male attempt to keep your wife from wearing clothes at night? And if this is correct, does it work?”

From Bernadette: No air-con here. When we’re cruising in the tropics, we spend all our time at anchor, so we’re always pointing into the wind. We have awnings over the deck, so the shade keeps the temperature lower during the day. In the evening, there’s generally a little breeze funneling down the open forward hatch, and onto our bed in the V-berth, no matter how little wind there is. As you get closer to the equator, over time everyone gradually acclimatizes to the heat, and it doesn’t seem so hot really. Regarding your other questions, about attire, or the lack thereof, here’s Douglas…

From Douglas: Okay, Walt, I admit it.  We had a superior air-conditioning system on the boat, but I never told Bernadette about it, and one day when she was off somewhere I ripped that puppy out and threw it into the drink, just hoping the maneuver would have the effect you mentioned. Of course it did.  Now I have to plead with her to wear clothes, cause I’m so exhausted.  This just proves that if men would completely sack their expensive, mechanical heating and cooling systems, we’d save oodles of dollars, get lucky more often, and be less reliant on foreign oil, proving that nudity is the key to world piece.

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