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Medical Care In The Caribbean

By The Ithaka - Published September 08, 2006 - Viewed 9752 times

Medical Care In The Caribbean

Cathy P. of Grand Rapids, Michigan, wrote "how easy is it to get good medical care when cruising some of the remote places in the Caribbean?"

From Douglas: Fortunately, the Caribbean is not all that remote. You can get excellent medical and dental care in all the larger cities of Central America. Even from the San Blas, you can get to the mainland of Panama, and the sophisticated medical centers in Panama City, relatively easily, and because the US military trained special-forces soldiers in that region, and built numerous small airstrips, there are daily flights into Panama City even from obscure places. For some cruisers recently, this proved to be a life-saver. While hiking near the Kuna village of Sidra, our friend was bitten by a venomous fer-de-lance snake, also called a "three-step." He was flown to a major hospital in Panama City, and remained there a week, treated by four specialists, and administered 30 vials of anti-venom intravenously. It was touch and go, but fortunately, he received excellent care, and recovered.

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