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Whatever Happened To "The Castaways"?

By The Ithaka - Published July 14, 2006 - Viewed 1996 times

Whatever Happened To "The Castaways"?

Many of you have asked us if we know what ended up happening to Cobi and Winsal, the two stranded fishermen we wrote about in our Log of Ithaka number 101 on the www.BoatUS.com website,, who were rescued from the Vivorillos Cays by the Lindblad Explorer cruise ship Sea Voyager.

From Bernadette: Cobi and Winsal are fine. They made it safely home to Guanaja. The morning after the Sea Voyager got underway, Cade and Lisa on Sand Dollar talked on the net to Paul and Nancy on X-tacy, who were still in Guanaja. They asked Paul to watch out for the ship, and when it arrived in Guanaja to please see if Cobi and Winsal were cleared in and OK. Paul called us all back on the net a couple of days later, said the Sea Voyager had arrived, and that when he'd called the captain to inquire about 16-year-old Cobi Jackson, he was told that "Mr. Jackson is unavailable at the moment, but we'll take a message, and ask him to get in touch when he returns." That cracked us up! Paul found out later that Cobi was in town with all the Sea Voyager guests, dressed in crew whites, giving them a walking tour of the cay. We'd armed Cobi with instructions on how to find Jack and Elizabeth at Lighthouse on Guanaja. When we'd told these friends the story of the castaways, they'd offered to help them in any way they could. When and if Cobi and Winsal ever need to get in touch with them, they'll find open arms.

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