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Security Aboard

By The Ithaka - Published March 24, 2006 - Viewed 1259 times

Security Aboard

laire W of Minneapolis asks us about security on Ithaka and what precautions we take.

From Bernadette: We never leave the boat open when we're ashore. We lock our dinghy to the dock when we go into any town. The outboard, oars and gas can are locked onto the dinghy. On Ithaka, we don't leave much on deck, and we've run a cable through the handles of our jerry cans, which are padlocked in a group to a stanchion. Now that we're in the Rio, where there's a history of petty theft, we hoist our dinghy out of the water every evening on a three-point bridle attached to the main halyard. In addition, we don't wear jewelry, and in large cities we use an under-our-clothes money belt or neck purse, and generally wear our daypacks in the front.

NOTE: For a detailed article on security precautions cruisers take, on self-defense for cruisers, and on whether or not to bring a gun aboard, see Log Of Ithaka number 85, "Staying Alive," on the www.BoatUS.com website.

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