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Cruising Kids

By The Ithaka - Published March 10, 2006 - Viewed 1069 times

Cruising Kids

Ken and Virginia B of Mystic, Connecticut, want to sail their new Brewer 12.8 M cutter along our route in the Caribbean, and want to know "Do you encounter many families with children?" Laura J writes that she'd "like to get in touch with other families who are involved with cruising."

From Douglas: Along our route in the Western Caribbean, we've come across precious few boats with children onboard, but then again we don't have our antennae up for boats with kids. A good place to look for family cruisers is Isla Mujeres, Mexico, a great cruising gathering place. On the morning net in Isla, on VHF channel 13, just ask if anyone in the anchorage has kids onboard. Do the same on the Northwest Caribbean Net and the Rio Dulce net. To get in touch with other families who may be involved with cruising, check out the lecture series at all the major boat shows. Almost all of them now include panel discussions and lectures on family cruising by people who have firsthand experience.

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