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Internet Access In Third World Countries

By The Ithaka - Published February 24, 2006 - Viewed 1293 times

Internet Access In Third World Countries

Bob C from Paso Robles, California, asks "how do you log onto the internet in remote places?"

From Douglas: Today, even the smallest burgs in the most out of the way places tend to have internet cafés. Prices range from $3 to $10 an hour. Phone lines can be troublesome and transmission speed tends to be slow, but in the fullness of time, messages get in and out.

NOTE: Since that response was written, we've gotten onboard email, and use the Sailmail service, which we access through our single-sideband radio. Fees for Sailmail are $200 a year - well worth it. There are other services like this as well.
We also have an Inmarsat C system for emergency email, but that's an expensive method. We got it when we first went cruising, before services such as Sailmail became as reliable as they are today.

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