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Leaving Ithaka in the Rio Dulce, Guatemal

By The Ithaka - Published January 13, 2006 - Viewed 1190 times

Leaving Ithaka in the Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Bill H of Vancouver, BC, wrote to us wondering how you leave a boat in a place like Tortugal Marina. "What do you do to put a boat to bed when you leave it for an extended time in a foreign place?"

From Bernadette: In the Rio, it was so easy. The marinas there are extremely well protected from weather by a bowl of mountains, and from theft by guards. The water is freshwater, so there was no barnacle growth while we were there (four months). All we did was bring the boat in reverse stern-to the dock, picking up a mooring ball at the bow on the way in. Ithaka now has her bow tied to the mooring ball, as well as one of our anchors out from the bow. Like a cat's cradle, her stern is tied to the dock, and she has spring lines holding her away from the boats lying to port and starboard of us. We also have all our fenders out, as do our neighboring boats. Access to Ithaka's cockpit is via a plank secured to the boat and the dock. The manager of Tortugal lives on site, and is easy to contact via phone or email, and his staff opens Ithaka up every sunny day to prevent mildew. We feel confident in this operation.

NOTE: Since that response was written in 2002, we also left Ithaka for an extended period tied securely to the new docks at Club de Pesca, Cartagena, Colombia, during 2003. This was a beautiful marina in the heart of Old Town, and we recommend it highly as a safe and convenient place to use as a base when traveling home or touring inland to Peru.

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