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Best Remedy For Seasickness

By The Ithaka - Published December 16, 2006 - Viewed 12117 times

Best Remedy For Seasickness

Since we've been cruising, we've had many questions from readers, and from potential cruisers, about seasickness and what is the best way to guard against it.

From Bernadette: We've tried many different medications, and homeopathic solutions, such as pressure bands and ginger, and the best remedy by far is to take Stugeron. I first heard of this highly effective seasickness medication when I was working at Cruising World and interviewing a lot of the sailors competing in the single-handed around-the-world races, many of whom swore by Stugeron. It's produced by Janssen-Cilag in England, and is not yet approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, so it's not available in the States, but you can get it easily pretty much anywhere else, and probably on the internet. We bought several boxes in Bermuda a few years back, and also we've seen it for sale over the counter in pharmacies down the Central American coast. The active ingredient is cinnarzine. Its only listed side effect is possible drowsiness, and they recommend that you don't take it with alcohol, anti-depressants, anxiolytics, or if pregnant or operating heavy machinery. Other than a little dry mouth, we've had no side effects and much prefer it to other seasickness medications we've tried. The beauty of it is that it is fast-acting, so you can wait to take it until you feel the first symptoms. Twenty minutes after taking it, in our experience, the symptoms subside completely.

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