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Powerboat Etiquette On The ICW

By The Ithaka - Published November 18, 2005 - Viewed 1327 times

Powerboat Etiquette On The ICW

Andrew S. asked, "Do people do a lot of speeding through the waterway? Is there a lot of wake?"

From Douglas: Overall, we've been thrilled with the politeness everyone exhibits on the waterway, and the skill of boat operators. Sure, there are always a few jet-skiers buzzing around here and there near towns on weekends. But other than that, faster powerboats slow way down so that their wakes don't severely buffet slower-moving sailboats. Most passing boats hail each other on the VHF radio to relay their intentions, and exchange pleasantries. It's important that sailboaters to their part as well; when a powerboat slows down to overtake a sailboat without kicking up any wake, the sailboat should show courtesy and pull to the side and slow down as well. That way the pass takes as little time as possible for both parties. Then everyone can go back to speed and be on their way.

One day, in Beaufort, Jon Eisberg, a professional photographer (if you follow auto racing, you've seen his magnificent work.) as well as a professional delivery skipper, who was single-handedly taking a brand new Sabreline 42 power cruiser to Key West, introduced himself to us on the dock, and said he'd been reading "The Log Of Ithaka" online. One thing lead to another, and the next thing we all knew, we were having dinner together, and Jon was sharing his wisdom with us about the rest of the voyage south. His advice was useful and his generosity of spirit is typical among the boaters going south, whether they're operating sailboats or powerboats.

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