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What Seawall?

By badriance - Published April 08, 2008 - Viewed 1514 times

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Bob Adriance Damage Avoidance Blog. Check back periodically for more great tips on how to enjoy safe and trouble-free boating.     


What Seawall?

By: Seaworthy Editor, Bob Adriance

Aside from going way too fast for the conditions (it was dark), one reason the boat in this photograph ran afoul of this seawall in Lake Michigan was because the skipper had zipped up the aging cockpit enclosure to stay warm. One man was hospitalized and a couple of others were bruised. The boat was a total loss.  

Even in broad daylight, when an enclosure is new, the “clear” plastic affects clarity.  If the plastic has been in the sun for a few years, you may as well be looking through a window that’s been smeared with Vaseline.  Two suggestions: Always reduce speed whenever visibility is limited, especially when you’re near shore and approaching a harbor. Second, do whatever is necessary to optimize your view ahead. It’s always difficult at night to find markers amid the back-scatter of lights on shore and you’ll need all of the help you can get. Don’t compromise safety for the sake of a little comfort.


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Comment by lukey | Posted on Wednesday, July 02, 2008 at 10:25:11 PM

I agree that the clarity of these enclosures leaves a lot to be desired. They also seem to magnify reflected  glare from light on the bridge. I try to unzip the side curtains when coming in at night. It's the only way  I can manoeuver up the narrow channel in our creek.

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