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Home Much Does It Cost?

By Little Gidding - Published February 14, 2006 - Viewed 2737 times


From Melanie:

Hey, congratulations on living the life that most people only dream of, including myself. So how much would you say it costs you yearly to live on your boat? Where is your favorite place you have been to?

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for the note. We're glad you enjoy reading about our travels. The single most expensive part of cruising is upkeep on the boat. Altogether, we spend about $25,000 a year living on our boat -- a good part of that is spent keeping the boat afloat and replacing broken gear. If you were to go cruising for only a year or so your costs would be less since you could put off a lot of the boat maintenance expenses. As for our favourite place, that's a tough one. We like different places for different reasons. Having said that, it would be pretty hard to beat the San Blas archipelago off the Caribbean coast of Panama. Beautiful islands, fascinating culture, relatively few outsiders.

Hope this helps. Don't give up the dream!

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