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Live Aboard Children

By Little Gidding - Published January 10, 2006 - Viewed 534 times


From David:

I am looking for information about raising liveaboard children. Would you have an idea of where I may be able to start my search? Any information you may provide would be helpful.

Hi David,

One place you might start is the online magazine www.kidsaboard.com. It's has some useful links and is good for connecting with other families. Check out the "Parents' Corner" for tips from other parents.

The web site for Living Aboard magazine has a "Kids On Board" section in its readers' forum (www.livingaboard.com).

A number of families belong to the Seven Seas Cruising Association (www.ssca.org). Its monthly Bulletin sometimes contains articles written by parents about living aboard with children; this is also a topic which regularly comes up at SSCA gatherings. It's a good organization to join for information sharing and camaraderie. You might also want to check out www.womenaboard.com. Its publication "The Best Tips From Women Aboard" has some advice related to kids.

There have been several books published by parents who have gone cruising with children. Two books that contain some practical advice are Cruising For Cowards by Liza & Andy Copeland (see www.aboutcruising.com) and All In The Same Boat Family Living Aboard by Tom Neale (available at www.bluewaterweb.com among other places).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions. Good luck!

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